LEWA has the competence to create a tailored maintenance concept based on the client’s needs. Ecologica provides external service support, diagnostics, maintenance, customer training and technical optimization for LEWA pumps and systems as part of this core competence. The service professionals deliver reliability, responsiveness, rapid turnaround and innovative solutions. With services ranging from spare parts to troubleshooting, we can maintain your equipment and help improve your processes. Our commitment to continuous improvement allows us to supply original spare parts with improved features, thus enhancing performance, extending equipment life, while reducing maintenance costs.

Ecologica provides field repair services, original spare parts, retrofit solutions, technical advice, inspections, commissioning, maintenance, and various training programs for Apollo pumps and systems. All parts for the pumps, from bearings and gaskets to impellers and casings, are available through our services network. Regular preventive maintenance by our service engineers increases operating safety, reduces operating costs and extends the service life of the system.

Ecologica offers a first-class maintenance and repair service for Nikkiso pumps and systems by our experienced in-house engineers. We check your pump on a regular basis preventively, thus ensuring a longer life, lower arising operational costs and an increasing operational safety. To ensure this, we offer – among other options – original spare parts tailored to the customers’ specific requirements. The overhauling and maintenance of the pump at our site or on-site will always be carried out with highest accuracy following the quality guidelines for new pumps.